1. The Process, Step by Step
2. The Feedback Advert
3. HomeLess or Emergency Accommodation
4. The Landlords Involved




The Process, Step by Step

Empty homes are advertised every two weeks in the Mansfield Chad and on Posters in public places.


Each property has information about what type/s of household can apply. This is known as the 'Letting Criteria'. For example; a three bedroom family house maybe advertised as suitable for an adult(s) with children. Properties adapted for disabled use will be marked accordingly.

Anyone responding, even if they have not yet seen a property they want, will need to complete a simple registration from. This only needs to be done once

NOTE: The initial Registration From will not ask you for any of your financial details or your reasons for seeking housing.


Once yor are registered, if you see a property, which you are interested in renting, you simply complete a coupon on line or phone HomeChoice direct line.


The deadline for response to adverts is 7 days. Once the deadline passed HomeChoice will compile a list of people who have applied for each property.

Properited will be offered form these lists on the basis of who has registered the longest.

If you receive an offer of accommodation you will be given an opportunity to view the property and if acceptable, a date will be set for signing the tenancy and the start of tenancy.

NOTE: If you view the property and decide that you do not wish to accept the offer, don't worry, you will not be penalised, and will remain on the register with the right to apply for other properties that you want.

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The Feedback Advert.

Every month HomeChoice will publish a list of properties that has been let, in a 'Feedback Advert'. This list will include:

  • The property address
  • The date of advert
  • The number of aresponses received
  • The successful applicants date of tenancy or registration (Name and other personal details will not appear) (Tenancy or registration dates will not appear, where a 'Statutory Letting' has occurred).

NOTE: Fairness can be checked by unsuccessful applicants by comparing their Tenancy/Registration data to the data published.

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People who are Homeless or Requiring Emergency Accommodation

All enquiries should be made directly to Mansfield District Council. If you are assessed as being entitled to emergency accommodation, you will be given a priority card which you can use to choose a suitable property from the current and forthcoming list of advertised properties, or elect to be housed by Mansfield District Council.

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The Landlords Involved in HomeChoice

HomeChoice operates in the Mansfield District Council region and incorporates properties owned by the following landlords:-

  • Leicester Housing Association
  • Nottingham Community Housing Association
  • Mansfield District Council (Bellamy Road Estate only)

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